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Phone Numbers (Landlines):

410-597-9797 or 410-597-9699

Board of Directors
1 Executive Director (Interim) Andrea McCoy-Carty  A
2 President T. Russell Hopewell  A
3 Vice President Stuart Hudgins  A
4 Treasurer Audrey L. Simmons, Co-Founder  A
5 Financial Secretary Benjamin Mason  A
6 Recording Secretary Currently Vacant Position  
7 Youth Sports and Education Ronald Briggs, (Chair)  A
8 Events Planning Janet Williams (Chair)  A
9 Operations and Exhibits Ray Banks (Chair, Co-Founder)  A
10 Strategic Planning Wayne Wiggins, Sr.  A
11 Public Relations and Marketing Marjorie Hampson (Chair)  A
12 Multimedia and Technology Steven Dorsey (Chair) & Stuart Hudgins  A
13 Member Francis Collins  A
14 Member Wayne Gilreath  A
15 Member Deidra Greene Harris  A
16 Member Vincent Johnson  A
17 Member Allen V. McCallum, Jr.  A

 Honorary Members: 

Mrs. Geraldine Day - Wife of Hall of Famer, Leon Day 

Norma Butts-Buckson - daughter of shortstop Thomas "Pee Wee" Butts

Allen Meacham


Youth Member:

Vacant - In Progress


Advisory Board Members

Sam Allen (Kansas City Monarchs)

Duane A. Baysmore

Com. Leo A. Gant (Ret.)

Dr. Robert Hieronimus, Ph.D

Dawn V. Jones

Howard S. Kohn

Camay C. Murphy


Luther "Luke" Atkinson 

Della Malone-Johnson

Bobby Parker

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